Friday, June 24, 2011

One day. mother issue

One day.
I will be somebody's wife
I don't know who's the charming-lucky guy. teheee

One day.
I will be somebody's mother
Making breakfast and kiss my kids
And send them to school
Or send them to the our house gate and wait for the school bus
And clean the house
Clean the plates
Clean the table
Clean their bedrooms
And go to work
Question: what time do i have to wake up, and yet. what time do i have to jump to bed with my husband? =.=

One day
If my husband thinking of getting married again
I will cut hisssssssssss........ dalam botol in his sleep
I will be very angry


One day
I live happily
We two have our tea time
While watching the kids playing soccer
The the girls with their barbie dolls
Talk about religion
Talk about umrah
Talk abour Haj
Talk about to raise the kids

live happily ever after sampai syurga. insyaALLAH


Hxnis said...

live happily sampai ke syurga.


sarahunny said...

eheh thank you. u too hanis! :)